TGC Animation & Multimedia based in Jaipur and New Delhi, have specially revamped and refurbished the learning environment to ensure comfort and easy assimilation for the students. The Following are a compiled list of the Facilities in TGC India.


  • Each Students is confined to one Computer set, with full internet accessibility at no extra cost, furthermore each student is given a 100% permission of access to any computer of their choice during lecture hours, practical hours and even at their leisure time in the school premises, all at no additional cost and requirements.
  • At the beginning of each course, students are given all the necessary stationeries and writing materials needed from the beginning till the completion of the course, regardless of what programme is involved, all of these will be issued by our ever ready and dedicated quality welfare team.
  • Students’ certificates and diplomas are mostly issued based on practical and theoretical examinations and test while we are sure to be maintaining an international standard.
  • Students projects are often uploaded to the school’s official website portal (https://www.tgcjaipur.com)
  • The greater advantage our students enjoy is the practical mode of teaching, we do believe in the theory which says “practice what you teach” this makes all of our students to be able to implement this things too while on their various assignments and projects, and also gives them the room to ask as many question as possible.
  • School Timings are usually from 8.00 AM to 9.00 PM while some of our centers might be functional at night times for a more added time of practice. The normal time for each lecture would last for 2 Hours after which students are permitted to Practice on their own while also asking questions relevant to what they have been taught; the practice time is Unlimited depending on the choice of the student.
  • We also assure quality help to the students in terms of placement and getting better jobs once they had completed their individual courses on both Local and International students.

Laboratory Facilities

Our laboratories are also very much equipped with the latest and best of amenities and equipments which promotes easy assimilation and inculcation, we are proud of the positive reviews we get from our alumna’s and alumnus’s in different part of the world. We have following lab facilities:

  • Animations Laboratory
  • Video Editing Laboratory
  • Graphics Design Laboratory
  • Web Design Laboratory