Hostel Facility

As at for the time being, TGC Jaipur does not have a personal or private hostel facility for its students and trainees, but we have pragmatically mapped out a committee of dedicated cell, which is solely responsible on the issue and matters of providing help to students in various capacities in making sure that they get a very comfortable place to reside either out of the numerous PG’s ( Paying Guest Houses) within the school premises or outside the school premises all at a very reasonable fees and rents. Due to the fact that we have so many students coming from a very far and distant places and countries, all these things have been put to place.

Security should never be in your “worry list”, as we are sure that your safety and protection are fully taken care of. The issue of comfort and relaxation while students undertake their various courses or programmes at TGC Jaipur should never be treated as a “grey-area”; these apartments are fully or partially furnished and customized to your taste and affordability.

TGC Jaipur can also assist you booking a hotel accommodation before your arrival nearby our center and can also assist in hiring a Taxi/ Cab for a pickup from Airport / Railway station.

To know more about Facilities that we offer, write to us at or call us at 18001020514.

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